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For generations the family of Don Elias Robles has been making tequila from the legendary Mexican blue agave cactus. Using traditional methods for
growing and harvesting that have been passed down for generations, the agave is cared for until only the best plants are selected to become Don Elias Tequila. The agave is then harvested by hand when a “jimador” uses his razorsharp spear called a “coa” to trim the spikey and thorny leaves that protect the “pina”. The pinas are then taken to the factory where they are quartered or halved, baked and crushed in preparation for distilling the tequila.

Although the burro and the stone mill have given way to more modern methods we still follow the old ways of making the best tequila. If time has taught us anything, we’ve learned that tequila, time is everything. After cooking and distilling the blue agave cactus, the aging process determines the final flavor for Don Elias tequila. The four flavors of Don Elias tequila are Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo.